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Here are the categories you can easily find our blogs on.

Sustainable Brands

Profile and stories about the brands that are leading the way sustainability. This could include interviews, behind-the-scene look, and analysis of their sustainability practices.

Eco-Friendly Material

Information on sustainable material used in eco-fashion, such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and recycled fabrics. This category can educate readers on the characteristics and benefits of each material.

Fashion Trends

Coverage of the latest trends in sustainable fashion, including seasonal guides, tips on incorporating eco-friendly pieces on your wardrobe, and a spotlight on innovative and sustainable fashion design.

DIY Upcycling

Tips, tutorials and creative ideas for upcycling old clothes or DIY products to encourage readers to reuse and repurpose instead of purchasing new items.

Ethical Practices

Discussion on ethical issues within the fashion industry, including labor rights, fair trade, and how consumers can support ethical practices through purchasing decisions.

Lifestyle & Tips

Broader lifestyle content that complements the sustainable fashion, such as eco-friendly living tips, sustainable beauty and wellness, and minimalism.

Product Review

We provide honest reviews of sustainable fashion products, including clothing, accessories, and footwear, to help readers make informed purchasing decisions.

Events and Initiatives

Information on sustainable fashion events, campaigns and community initiatives. This could include coverage of fashion shows, swap meets, recycling programs, and more.

Guides & Resources

Comprehensive guide on transitioning to a sustainable wardrobe, including where to shop, how to care for eco-friendly garments, and resources fro further learning.

Personal Stories

Personal narratives or guest posts from individuals who have embraced sustainable fashion, sharing their journey, challenges and successes.